April 29 - May 6, 2017

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The Triathlon Challenge is a competition to honor the most versatile Cardigan Corgi competing in a variety of event categories at the annual National Specialty.  Cardigan fanciers must be pre-registered to participate.

Competition Rules

To be eligible, a dog must enter and compete in at least three (3) event categories offered at the National Specialty. Categories are:  Agility, Herding, Obedience/Rally, Tracking (when offered), and Conformation.  Any combination of three of these five event categories is acceptable.   For purposes of this Triathlon Challenge, obedience and rally are combined into a single category.  An exhibitor may enter both obedience and rally but only the highest score of the two will be used. For 2017, the eligible non-regular conformation classes include puppy and veterans’ sweepstakes, Megan, Herding Titled, Veteran Dog/Bitch, and Stud Dog/Brood Bitch. Eligible non-regular obedience classes are Veteran and Brace. The Brace class in conformation is not eligible.  The dog may be handled by more than one person throughout the competition. 

A minimum of three points is earned by dogs competing in the qualifying events even if the dog does not qualify or win.  Points, however, are not earned by dogs that are excused for lameness, unacceptable behavior, or disqualified as defined by the rules of the entered class.  If entered in classes in more than three event categories, only the three highest event scores earned (75 maximum points) are used toward the Triathlon Challenge.   The maximum number of points that can be earned from any single event is 25. 

The highest points earned in a class within an event or if more than one class is entered, only the one class earning the highest number of points, will be counted.  Points are not cumulative.  Where a multiple class entry and qualification are required such as MACH, PACH, RAE and UDX legs, qualification carries a higher point value than a single qualification.   If more than one trial is scheduled in one or multiple days, only the single highest points earned in that event by a dog will count toward the Triathlon.  For example, in herding, where a dog could be entered in two classes (intermediate ducks and started sheep in two trials on the same or multiple days), only the single highest score will be counted towards the Triathlon Challenge.  For those dogs advancing to Winners, Reserve Winners or higher; class points are dropped and the dog is awarded the number of points indicated on the Triathlon Challenge Point Schedule.  The highest points earned in any one of the eligible conformation classes will count toward one of the three event scores required for the Triathlon event. 

All scoring will be done from the official judge’s book(s) for each event in order to verify the Cardigan has met the participation requirements (i.e., was not excused, etc.).  Any errors in scoring MUST be reported within 8 hours after posting of event results with the exception of the last day’s event where one (1) hour is given to report errors after posting.  If not reported the posted score stands.

The Cardigan entered and earning the highest number of points during National Specialty week is winner of the Triathlon Challenge.  The Cardigan entered and earning the second highest number of points will be the reserve winner. The High Scoring Champion of Record and third through fourth placements will also be honored.  Rosettes will be award to each winner.  The Triathlon Challenge winner will receive a $100 cash prize.  All awards will be presented at the Annual Banquet.


The Triathlon entry fee is charged as a $10.00 flat fee for each dog regardless of the number of events/classes entered in the Triathlon Challenge.  Fees are paid through the COF on the CWCCA National website and must be received no later than the April 5, 2017 closing date. This fee is in addition to the entry fees for regular or non-regular classes.

Tie Breakers

In the event of a tie score, the following criteria shall be used.

  1. If more than three (3) events are entered and competed in, only the three highest points earned for those events will be added to the total compiled Triathlon points.
  1. If a tie still exists, or no Cardigan competed in more than three (3) events, bonus points will be added to the tied scores based on level of competition in each event participated in by the Cardigan. The highest class competed in will be used regardless if that score was used in the original calculation and points added based on the following chart:


Triathlon Challenge Point Schedule








  1. A Triathlon Committee with a minimum of three members will be responsible for ensuring that the 795appropriate classes that qualify for the event, the registration form, and all information concerning the event is made available on a timely basis for inclusion in the National Specialty publications and web site.
  1. The Triathlon Coordinator or his/her designee is responsible for tracking and verifying the scores for entries in each of the events and provide daily tallies and update the score sheets on a timely basis.
  1. The Triathlon Coordinator or his/her designee will maintain all the records for the competition for the appropriate length of time.
  1. Any errors in scoring MUST be reported to the Triathlon Coordinator within 8 hours after posting of event results with exception of completion held on the last day of the National Specialty. On the last day, errors must be reported within 1 hour after posting.  If not reported, the posted score stands.
  1. All decisions by the Triathlon Coordinator and/or the National Specialty Performance Chairperson are final.


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