1968 National Specialty

Greenwich Kennel Club, Conn
June 8, 1968

Mr. Albert Van Court, Judge
Entry 36


BOB/BOW/WD: CH Springdale Sir Lancelot – Kentwood Hedydd x Springdale Mylanwy

BOS: Ch Brymore’s Matilda ap Cymmie – Parmel Dictator x Kentwood Eirowyn

RWD: Hillsborough Dan McGrew – Springdale Droednoeth x Springdale India

WB: Swansea Pick-a-Dilly – Lord Jim’s Lucky Domino x Swansea Claude

RWB: Dilwel Maggie – Teilo Bryn x Dilwel Glesni.

Dilwel Maggie

Stud Dog Class:
1st – Ch.Lord Jim’s Lucky Domino (Margaret S. Douglas)
2nd – Ch.Domino’s Beau Jester (J.Stanley Churchill and Mary K. Nelms)

Brood Bitch Class:
Ch.Springdale Myfanwy (Harold K. Nelson)

Regular Classes:

Puppy, Dogs:
1st= Cilcain Hillsborough Adam (Dr.W.E.McGough)
2nd – Brymore’s Bye George (Mr.and Mrs.Caldwell)

1st – Springdale King Arthur (Thomas Esender)
2nd – Brymore’s Shep of Woodmoor (Mr.and Mrs.Conner)
3rd – Sir Oliver McDuff (Mrs.Len Young)
4th – Tamantha’s Morgan (Christopher Neale)

Open Dogs:
1st – Springdale Sir Lancelot (Sharon Esender)
2nd – Hillsborough Dan McGrew (Mr.and Mrs.Hassett)
3rd – Pilgrim’s Rhudd (Bryce Poindexter)
4th – Brymore’s Sir Gareth ap Punchi (Mr.and Mrs.Garvett)

Puppy Bitches:
1st – Chandler’s Waltzing Matilda (Mr.and Mrs.Chandler)
2nd – H.R,Seren Niel (Mrs.Jonathan Bole)

Bred by Exhibitor Bitches:
Penboethyn O’er Pentre Ifan CD (Robert Wilson
and Joseph Downey)

1st – Alcain’s Queen Anne (Arlene and Manny Topal)
2nd – Swansea Shasta (Margaret Douglas and Pat Santi)
3rd – Bus y ‘s Fashion Plate ( Robert G. Wilson and Joseph V. Downey)

Open, Bitches:
1st – Swansea Pick-a-Dilly (Margaret S. Douglas and Pat Santi)
2nd – Dilwel Maggie (Dr.W.E.Mc Gough)
3rd – Springdale Queen Gwenever (Bernard R.Nehring)
4th – Kencia’s Sabrina (Marcia H. Lopeman)

Puppy Sweepstakes

Mrs. Louise Cleveland,  Judge

Best in Sweepstakes: Brymore’s Beau Geste – Parmel Dictator x Domino’s Miss Busy of Brymore

Brymore’s Beau Geste

Junior Puppy Sweepstakes:
1st – Brymore’s Beau Geste (Mrs.Henning Nelms)
2nd – Swansea Pick-a-Dilly (Margaret Douglas and Pat Santi)
3rd – Cilcain Hillsborough Adam (Dr.W,E.McGough)
4th – Brymore’s Bye George (Mr.and Mrs. Caldwell)

Senior Puppy Sweepstakes:
1st – Springdale King Arthur (Thomas Esender)
2nd – Ch.Brymore’s Matilda (Mrs. Nelms and Mrs. Pym)
3rd – Springdale Sir Lancelot (Sharon Esender)
4th – Springdale Queen Gwenever (Bernard Nehring)