CWCCA 78th Annual National Specialty


Herding August 15th – 16th, 2020 at Hado-Bar Farms

Herding Chair: Nancy Bragg

Secretary: Joanne Silhanek

Saturday Judges: Wendy Pinckney HT/PT 
Terry Woffard all Trial classes

Sunday Judge:  Terry Woffard HT/PT and all Trial classes

Saturday Results

Photo Credit Simon Goldin


  • Lettie (Braeling Eyes on the Prize HT) 1st place HSA ducks and sheep and High in Trial. 
  • Tosca (Braeling All About Opera HXAsd) Reserve High in Trial, 1st place HXA sheep and ducks and high scoring veteran. Both girls owned and handled by Nancy Bragg. 
  • Bobby (GCH CH Bluefox Elyan Raining Magic HSAd) 1st place HSBd, HIT ducks, HIT Champion of Record. Bobby is owned and handled by Susan Long.
Sunday Results
Photo Credit Simon Goldin
  • Lettie (Braeling Eyes on the Prize) HIT, 1st place Started Ducks, High Combined, owned and handled by Nancy Bragg. 
  • Winston (Ula Mauna Sir Winston Churchill) Reserve HIT, 1st place Started Sheep, owned by Brian and Renee Borowski, handled by Brian Borowski. 
  • Trixie (CH Social Dreaming Matrix) High Scoring Champion of Record and High Scoring Veteran, owned by Mary Sue Olcott and Maggie Cannon, handled by Mary Sue Olcott.

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Photo Gallery courtesy of Simon Goldin

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Herding Trophy Sponsors

1Herding Trial 1
2High in TrialMarla Gardner
3Reserve HITBob and Gail LaBerge
4High CombinedMolly Wisecarver
5High ChampionCharles and Sue Harrison
6High VeteranJanet Subr
7High SheepSocial Cardigans
8High DucksSusan Long
9Sheep: Started 1stPolly Cole
10Ducks A course Started 1stCheryl Kienast
11Ducks A course Started 2nRenee Bernard
12Herding TestKathryn Metcalfe
13Herding TestKrista Seltzer
14Herding TestLynn Stonesifer
15Herding TestTaryn Tipton
16Herding TestRebecca Voegtlin
17Pretrial TestKatrina Hunt
18Pretrial TestKrista Seltzer
19Pretrial TestLynn Stonesifer
20Pretrial TestTaryn Tipton
21Herding Trial 2
22High in TrialKim and Noah Moshlak, Cub Run Cardigans
23Reserve HITBob and Gail LaBerge
24High CombinedMolly Wisecarver
25High ChampionCharles and Sue Harrison
26High VeteranSocial Cardigans
27High SheepCWCCA
28High DucksSusan Long
29Sheep: Started 1stPolly Cole
30Ducks A course Started 1stCheryl Kienast
31Ducks A course Started 2nRenee Bernard
32Herding Test Kathryn Metcalfe
33Herding Test Krista Seltzer
34Herding Test Rebecca Voegtlin
35Pretrial TestLynn Stonesifer
36Pretrial TestKatrina Hunt
37Pretrial TestKrista Seltzer
0Judges' GiftsNancy Bragg


The Officers and Board of Directors  (Board) of the Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of America (CWCCA) met May 31st to discuss the holding of the 2020 National Specialty.

The primary concern of the Board is the health and safety of those attending the National Specialty.  The Board has been working with Roberts Centre on what Roberts will be able to host based on what is allowed by the State of Ohio.  The Board has also reviewed the recommended guidelines from AKC concerning hosting a dog event.

After much discussion, the Board of the Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of America voted unanimously to cancel the 2020 CWCCA National Specialty.  It was a difficult decision by the Board, but it was felt this was best for the health and safety of all involved.

The Board has voted to ask those elected to judge in Regular Classes, Sweepstakes and the Megan at the 2020 National to judge in 2022 as those individuals were elected by the CWCCA Membership.

In addition, the Board discussed with the Herding Committee whether to hold the 2020 CWCCA Herding Trial.  After discussion the Board voted to allow the 2020 CWCCA National Herding Trial as planned on August 15 and 16, 2020 at Hado Bar Farm.  It is felt that the appropriate regulations for holding an event can be met at the Herding location. 

The Board has worked with Roberts Centre, who has done everything possible to assist us in trying to hold the 2020 National, and have arranged to have the CWCCA deposit moved to 2024.   The CWCCA National will be held May 13-19, 2024 at Roberts Centre in Ohio.

The Board voted to add to Puppy Sweepstakes in 2021 the following classes:  18-21, 21-24, and 24-27.  It is hoped that this will allow many puppies that were eligible for 2020 to be eligible for 2021.  In addition, the Board voted to move Veteran Sweeps in 2021 to Thursday morning.


Gail LaBerge, President

For the CWCCA Board

A Special Thank You to those who donated to help cover our Operating Expenses for this National Specialty
Dennis Ackerson
Barbara Carlson
Jan Fox
Elizabeth Macnair
Eleanor Macnair
Vivian Moran
Frank and Cathy Murch
Brian Nicholas
Don and Judy Proia
Kathleen Roberts
Diane Rutter
Taryn Tipton
Le’o-Cadie Washburn
Karen Yohe