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Online Cancer Resource

Langhorne, Pa. — A new online resource, written entirely by board-certified veterinary oncologists, now is available to pet owners. Reference Link Above is the online home of The Cancer Center at CARES. CARES (The Center for Animal Referral and Emergency Services) is a veterinary specialty practice based in Langhorne, Pa.

Its creators have dubbed the free online resource as “one of the most comprehensive online information resources on cancer care for pets.”

Treatment options, care and support available for pets diagnosed with cancer are some of the topics covered on the site.”Part of our job is to educate pet owners and veterinarians,” says Dr. Jennifer Baez, who co-authored the site along with Dr. Beth Overley. Both DVMs are certified veterinary oncologists. “We know cancer and cancer treatment is frightening; therefore it is critical that pet owners know all of their options so they can make an educated decision that fits their specific situation. is meant to be the resource for answers about cancer in pets.

The site also offers printable patient handouts for veterinarians thatexplain different types of cancer, as well as a “cancer dictionary”detailing medical terminology. “