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The Cardigan News Bulletin

The  Cardigan News Bulletin is published twice a year in an 8 ½ x 11 format. The Summer issue features our national specialty winners (deadline for submission – July 15 for publication in mid August). Companion- and performance-titled dogs headline The Winter issue (deadline for submission – January 15 for publication in mid February).  

Covers for the Summer issue are available first to national specialty conformation winners, and include articles about breeding, whelping, genetics and related topics.  ALL national specialty results will be printed. The Winter issue covers are available first to performance/companion competitors with preference to national specialty HITs and new performance/companion titled dogs at the highest level. We’ll have articles on health, performance, rehab and related topics.

We encourage ads from all venues for both issues.


Advertising prices are:

$300 front cover (includes inside half-page story by owner)
$250 back cover
$200 inside covers

To reserve a cover position, please email:the managing editor.
** Note: Only members may reserve cover positions.

 CWCCA Members  COLOR   B&W
Full page $150   $100
1/2 page $100   $75
1/4 page $75   $50
Memorials $100   $50
Non-members add $25 per page      
Commercial ads add $50 per page      


Ads can be designed for you or submitted camera ready.

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To submit your ad or for questions about ads E-mail


BUSINESS CARDS (8 per page) for 2 issues

Kennel – $50
Member – commercial (handling, leads etc) $75
Non-member – (commercial or kennel) $100

Business Card submission:

Advertising opens May 15th for the summer issue and closes July 15th

Winter issue opens November 15th and closes January 15th

All ads must be paid for when submitted for publication.  

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The Bulletin welcomes articles from the CWCCA community. If you have an idea for an article, please send a note to the managing editor stating the subject and scope of your article. 

Some things to think about:

  • Who would be interested in this subject?
  • How would you develop it?
  • How detailed would your article be?

Other particulars:

  • Authors will receive a by-line [author name and kennel name (optional)]
  • Authors are welcome to submit a one-paragraph bio that tells readers about themselves; bio may be accompanied by a photograph that will be published if space permits
  • Articles should be about 1000 words in length (let us know if you need more)
  • All articles will be reviewed and fact checked by the editors
  • All submissions will be edited to conform to the Bulletin’s stylistic requirements
  • After submissions have been edited, they will be returned to authors for final source check

The Bulletin staff

Jane Crenshaw – advertising        Addy Alexander – editorial

Managing Editor – Volunteer Needed


The Cardigan News Bulletin is an official publication of the Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of America, Inc. and is sent to every member in good standing.
Subscriptions from non-members are welcome. 


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$25 per single copy, $45 for a year
Outside US: $35 per single copy, $60 for a year

The Bulletin is published twice a year: August and February. A subscription year begins with the August issue and ends with the February issue. A subscription (2 issues as stated) is $45 (US) or $60 (outside US) .


If you would like to order a single issue, please state the desired issue. $25 (US) and $35 (outside US).