The CWCCA News Bulletin


The  Cardigan News Bulletin is published twice a year in an 8 ½ x 11 format. The Summer issue features our national specialty winners (deadline for submission – July 15 for publication in mid August). Companion- and performance-titled dogs headline The Winter issue (deadline for submission – January 15 for publication in mid February).  

Covers for the Summer issue are available first to national specialty conformation winners, and include articles about breeding, whelping, genetics and related topics.  ALL national specialty results will be printed. The Winter issue covers are available first to performance/companion competitors with preference to national specialty HITs and new performance/companion titled dogs at the highest level. We’ll have articles on health, performance, rehab and related topics.

We encourage ads from all venues for both issues.


Advertising prices are:

$300 front cover (includes inside half-page story by owner)
$250 back cover
$200 inside covers


To reserve a cover position, please email:the managing editor.
** Note: Only members may reserve cover positions.

Full Page$150$1001
1/2 page$100$752
1/4 page$75$503
Non-members add $25 per page5
Commercial ads add $50 per page6



Ads can be designed for you or submitted press ready with bleeds..

Ad Specifications


BUSINESS CARDS (8 per page) for 2 issues


Kennel – $50
Member – commercial (handling, leads etc) $75
Non-member – (commercial or kennel) $100


To submit your ad or for questions about ads:


Tentative Bulletin Schedule for 2021-2022


  • February 1 deadline for ads to create
    February 15 deadline for press ready ads
    Mailing in March/April
  • National Issue – July 1 deadline for ads to create
    July 15 deadline for press ready ads
    Mailing August/September
  • Last (3rd Issue) October 15 deadline for ads to create
    October 25 deadline for press ready ads
    Mailing November/December


  • January 1st for ads to create
    January 15 for press ready ads
    Mailing February:March
  • National Issue – May 1st deadline for ads to create
    May 15 deadline e for press ready ads
    Mailing June/July
  • Last (3rd Issue), October 1st for ads to create
    October 15 for press ready ads
    Mailing November/December

Next issue Deadline February 1st for Ads needing Design Work
February 15th for Press-Ready Ads

All ads must be paid for when submitted for publication.  


Pay through our CardiShop


You may choose to pay by Credit/Debit Card, by Check, or through PayPal.


You don’t have to be a writer to get your story published in the Bulletin!

Here’s the deal:

If you have an idea for an article, please let me (the articles editor) know. 

Don’t hesitate to suggest a topic about which you’d like to write.   Rough drafts, notes, or whatever you have is sufficient for us to develop an article under your by-line.   Articles about dogs that win in shows and events are great; we also want to hear from those who win every day because Cardigans are in their lives.

Potential topics include, whelping, articles from judges about how they evaluate dogs in the conformation ring or judge performance events, introducing Cardis to multi-dog households, how a breeder evaluates puppies in a litter, puppy socialization, crate training an older dog, and whatever strikes you as information that can help to further the way we raise, train, and live with our pups.

Hint:  One of our members has suggested that she would like to contribute an article about full-time RVing with Cardis, and another contributed an article about the making of a Cardigan cardigan from wool spun from fluffies’ undercoats. .  

How it works:

Email me, Addy Alexander, the Bulletin articles editor at to get the ball rolling.

Just tell me your topic and say that you want to submit a draft or that you’d like some help in putting your article together.

The “help” process includes our putting together topic outline for your article after which you can fill in the outline with paragraphs or just put in notes.  When I receive that, my job is to help get it into article format and return it to you for corrections, comments, and, of course photographs to accompany your text.

Looking forward to the Bulletin’s continuing success.


The Bulletin Staff


Please note: Additional staff changes are pending


Jane Crenshaw – Advertising

Jeri Bon – Advertising Assistant

Jesica Viera – Club & Communication Coordinator

Margaret Williams – Subscriptions

Addy Alexander – Editorial