Judges’ Education

The Judges Education Committee performs many valuable duties for AKC judges. The Committee presents workshops for judges, answers questions and letters from judges, sends out the Illustrated Standard to new judges, refers judges who are learning the breed to Presenters and Mentors all around the country, trains Presenters and Mentors in methods of presenting the breed to judges, and helps any other committee of the CWCCA as requested.


With the AKC policy concerning ringside mentoring, the CWCCA Judges Education takes an active role with mentoring at all our Supported shows.   If you are interested in being mentored ringside at any of our Supported shows, please contact one of the committee members listed below. For a complete listing of upcoming specialties and supported entries, visit our Event Calendar.


 If you are interested in having a seminar, workshop, or seek ringside mentoring, please contact a member of the CWCCA Judges Education Committee listed below. Videos and Articles are posted under the Education/Resources tab.

Judge’s Education Committee

Below are listed the members of the CWCCA Judges Education Committee (by definition also Mentors, approved by the CWCCA), who are qualified to present Judges’ Education Workshops for Cardigan Welsh Corgis and who have sufficient experience and knowledge of the breed to answer questions appropriately. They will also refer you to additional mentors in your area. Breeder judges are designated by (BJ) following their name.


CARDIGAN BREEDERS: If you are considering filing an application with AKC to judge  Cardigans, please contact the JEC Chairman listed below.  It is a JEC priority to assist you in your goals in judging.


David Anthony (BJ), Chair
9431 Eureka Rd
Girard, PA. 16417


Leah James (BJ)
59 Red Fern Rd
Havana, FL. 32333


Vivian Moran (BJ)
400 Hickory Ridge Rd
Waddy, KY. 40076


Emily Barnhart (BJ)
3419 NE 242nd Avenue
Camas  WA  98607


Emeritus Member:

Janet Robinson (BJ)
5950 Lake Wylie Road
Clover, SC 29710-9188

(BJ) = Breeder Judge

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The CWCCA is the parent club for the Cardigan Welsh Corgi breed and is a member of the American Kennel Club.


The Cardigan Welsh Corgi is one of the oldest known breeds. They are believed to have been in existence in Wales for over 3,000 years, and were first imported to the United States in 1932. Cardigans make a delightful companion as well as a working farm, show, or performance dog. We hope that you enjoy this site as you learn about our breed.

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