Junior Scholarship



The CWCCA now offers two scholarship opportunities. The first is for graduating seniors who have plans to continue their education after high school in any diploma or certificate program. The second is for students age 25 or under who are either continuing or just beginning their education.


Students may apply multiple time but can only be awarded a scholarship twice. If you are awarded one as a graduating senior, you may be awarded a continuing education scholarship once. If you have not received a graduating senior scholarship, you may be awarded the continuing education scholarship twice.


Applicants must be members of the CWCCA, either junior (applies to those under age 18) individual or household.


The applicant must be active in dog sports. Possible activities include, but are not limited to: agility, 4-H, conformation, junior showmanship, obedience, therapy dog work.


The winners will be announced during the annual meeting at the National Specialty. Our judges, all CWCCA members, come from a variety of academic backgrounds (artists, musicians, medical professionals, academics, and attorneys) and as a committee are pleased to play an active part in the CWCCA’s recognition of the value of continuing education through these scholarship programs.


**** Please note: if, due to extenuating circumstances, the winner will not be attending a post secondary institute in the fall, the award may be delayed until the following January, after which, it will be forfeited.


The application package consists of the following:


A. A cover page  with name, address, DOB, phone number, e-mail address, current or former high school and [expected] date of graduation.

B. On separate pages, without your name, please complete the following: 


  1. High school 
  2. GPA; class ranking; ACT/SAT scores or equivalent (if test scores are
    unavailable please submit a current transcript), intended major or area of
  3. Extracurricular (non-dog related) activities and volunteer work. Include school,
    community, sports and other similar organizations/activities. Give approximate
    dates and duration. 
  4. Academic honors – describe briefly scholastic distinctions or honors you have
  5. Dog related activities including approximate dates and duration. 
  6. Write an essay (approximately 500 words) addressing the following:
    What have you learned from your relationship with your dog? How has this
    shaped the person you are now and how might this be important to you in the

C. Two letters of recommendation, one of which must be from an individual (not a relative) who is aware of your dog related activities. These letters should be sent directly to the committee chair post marked on or before March 1. Be aware that the timely receipt of these recommendations is the applicant’s responsibility. These letters can be sent in electronic format, but verification of receipt is the applicant’s


Applications start January 1st with a deadline of March 1st of each year.


Print info: MS Word PDF


Claire Ward Scholarship Chair
2339 40th Pl NW #105
Washington, DC 20007

Phone: 804-389-4156 

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