Mississippi Valley KC Supported Show

  • Purina Farms Gray Summit, MO

    Supported Show with Sweepstakes
    Judges: Regular classes: John Burgess from Queensland Australia
    Puppy and Veteran Sweepstakes: Kathy Metcalfe
    Superintendent: FoyTrent Dog Shows, Inc.
    FMI: Debbie and Lisa Price sundancecorgi@gmail.com

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    Regular Classes

    BB/G1/RBIS: GCHP CH Glasshouse 3c Touch Not The Cat HT FDC CA CGCA TKI. DN38751402 12/26/2013 Breeder: Lori A Frost. Sire: CH Coedwig 3c’s Indigo Jasper Dam: Yardican Ifly. Owner:Lori Frost|M’Kayla Stahr.

    BOW/WB: Redbud Oak Leaf Dark Necessities. DN52009804
    7/8/2017 Breeder: Jane Crenshaw/George Kuettel/Marty Wilson. Sire: CH Redbud Across The Universe Dam: Redbud Oakleaf Pretzel Logic. Owner:Jane Crenshaw|George Ann Kuettel. 

    BOS: GCHP2 CH Aubrey’s Tails Of Mystery. DN21681201
    4/21/2008 Breeder: Shawn Michael/Mrs. Cynthia M Savioli/Mr. Vincent J Savioli. Sire: CH Aubrey’s Eyes Of Mystery Dam: CH Kayshire Sw Autumn Classic. Owner:Sherri Hurst|Cynthia Savioli|Vincent Savioli.

    SEL DOG: CH Telltail Spenser For Hire. DN43137503
    5/16/2015 Breeder: Paula O’Donnell. Sire: CH Pecan Valley Black Friday Dam: CH Telltail Naughty Paws. Owner:Rochelle Severance.Agent: Kara Janiszak

    SEL BITCH: CH Turn-Key’s Treat Her Like A Lady CA. DN46595706
    6/10/2016 Breeder: Tina Brooks-Bosemer. Sire: GCH CH Winbucks Mosaic Wheel D’Fortune UDX9 OGM HSAd TKI Dam: Turn-Key’s Thyra Queen Of Norway. Owner:TINA BOSEMER. 

    WD: Cardiridge Blue Ain’T My Color. DN53008001
    1/3/2018 Breeder: Marla Gardner. Sire: CH Redbud Glasdawn Moon Shadow Dam: CH Wildcard Cardiridge Maggie. Owner:Marla Gardner. 

    RWD: Woodrose Game Changer. DN53160303
    3/2/2018 Breeder: Karen Lyons. Sire: GCHG CH Turn-Key’s Little Big Man RN Dam: CH Woodrose Game On. Owner:Kiley Clark|Kiley Clark|Karen Lyons

    RWB: Cardiridge I Am No Shrinking Violet. DN53008002
    1/3/2018 Breeder: Marla Gardner. Sire: CH Redbud Glasdawn Moon Shadow Dam: CH Wildcard Cardiridge Maggie. Owner:Marla Gardener.Agent: Linda Williams


    BIPS: Arbennig Dark Riddle. DN56174804
    10/19/2018 Breeder: Emily Banaszak/Cynthia Banaszak. Sire: CH Kino’s Quarry Tiger Eye At Redbud Dam: GCH CH Arbennig Hello Kitty. Owner:Emily|Cynthia Banaszak. 

    BOPS: Keerocka’s Out With A Bang!. DN54908206
    8/27/2018 Breeder: Julie Miller/Cindy McDonald. Sire: GCH CH Wyncrest Clear Creek Once Upon A Dream CA Dam: Summit Foggy Bottom I Wannabluvdbyu. Owner:Julie Miller|James Miller. 

    BIVS: GCHG CH Turn-Key’s Little Big Man RN. DN20180003
     11/16/2007 Breeder: Tina Bosemer/Bonnie L Money. Sire: Sisterwood’s Black Arrow Dam: Bridgelady’s Front Paige News RA. Owner:Mary Hulme. 

    BOVS: GCHS CH Obsidian’s Sky’s The Limit. DN30022603
     1/27/2011 Breeder: Michelle Boydston. Sire: GCH CH Kingsbury’s I’m Harry P. Dam: GCH CH Sisterwood Summer Skyla. Owner:Michelle Boydston.